Things That Are Wet: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

blue crayfish in pet store fish tank

shower head

I’m kind of a procrastinator, so here’s my entry for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Things That Are Wet. I took this photo before I went to the hardware store so I would know what I needed to replace when I was there. I always kind of liked the composition, though, even though it was a total accident.

Mossy rocks and the creek in the Delaware water gap recreation area

This is from my post on the Delaware Water Gap.

blue crayfish in pet store fish tank

I saw this little creature at the pet store. More fun underwater friends are here in the post Colorful Ocean Creatures.

water fountain on a sunny day

Here’s a fountain, doing a special dance for the sun.

old town canoe at the lake on beach chained to a fence

Here’s an old canoe by the lake.

Pond with water lillies at the arboretum

This is from the rose garden that I visited last summer.

27 thoughts on “Things That Are Wet: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge”

  1. Divine pics….l could quite easily be standing under the fountain, it is so hot here today…. Your little blue dude is so cute šŸ™‚ Going to check out the links. Have a good week Cynthia šŸ™‚

  2. Some lovely photos here, Cynthia. I loved that photo of the Delaware Gap when I saw it in your post about it, and the dancing fountain is just beautiful. In fact, all of these photos are great. I love ther pond with the lily pads, and the little blue crayfish. Anf how can I leave out the shower-head? The lines and angles of the setting are perfect for ‘showing it off’. šŸ™‚

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