Partly Cloudy?

Cloudy sky with tiny patch of blueDear weather app, I think we can upgrade that to Cloudy. Maybe even Mostly Cloudy.

Sadly, we haven’t even seen that much blue sky all week (this photo is old). It’s been cold and rainy here, with not a trace of blue in sight.

I don’t want to complain though, because I’m enjoying the cooler weather before it gets hot. Soon, I won’t want to bake or roast anything because of the heat, so I’m enjoying it now.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Mine will be busy. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Short and Sweet Snowstorm

Snow on a fence and trees

Yesterday we had a snowstorm that was short and sweet.

2016-02-06 17.06.06

Rain turned to snow around 3am Friday morning and continued steadily until about 10am.


The wet, heavy snow decorated the trees and turned the world into a winter wonderland.


Trees and branches were weighed down.

Snow on tree

And thick tangles of branches grew even thicker and more softly woven.

Snowy slushy road and

Slush made driving slightly slippery, but luckily it was too warm for ice to form on the roads. That would have been more difficult to drive through.

Snow on sweet

By 11:30am, the sun shone brightly and caused the snow to plop off of tree branches like blobs of oatmeal falling from the sky.


After a few hours it was hard to tell that it had snowed that morning at all. By the evening, it had even melted off of the roofs, trees, cars and anything that was in the warm sun. Temperatures dropped overnight, and any remaining snow or slush froze. Some unfortunate owners spent time scraping ice off of their cars this morning that had been parked in the shade yesterday. All the older snow from the recent blizzard got a fresh white coat.

Moody, Confused, Threatening, Aggressive, and Apologetic Skies

We didn’t know if it was going to rain.

Cloudy stormy sky

It got dark. Clouds blew by.

Cloudy stormy sky

The wind picked up. Sometimes it rained a little.

Cloudy stormy sky

Other times it drifted past us.

Cloudy stormy sky

The sky just couldn’t make up its mind.

Cloudy stormy sky blue

It got mad.

Cloudy sunny stormy sky

But then felt a little bad about it.

Cloudy sunny stormy sky

Finally, it apologized for all that it put us through. It feels much better now.

A rainbow and stormy sky

Road Trip Skies

Clouds and blue sky

I watched as the cloud dragon crouched,

Clouds and blue sky

Leapt into the sky

Clouds and blue sky

And vanished into a wisp.

This rest area had a bench under a shady tree, next to a playground where the kids had fun for a few minutes. Encouraging me to forget that I had miles left on my journey. Making it a little too comfortable on a hot afternoon.

Clouds and blue sky
I wanted to stay and invent a story for the next group of clouds moving in, but it was time to hit the road.