Photo Challenge: One Love

Heart-shaped celery root, celeriac

Heart-shaped celery root, celeriac

I know it’s actually two different celeriacs that had grown together, but at first glance I got so excited to think I saw a heart-shaped celery root. Does it really matter though? Let’s embrace the “One Love” concept and agree that they are all beautiful and delicious.

For the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: One Love

16 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: One Love”

    1. One of the advantages of shopping at the farmer’s market. You’d never see that at the grocery store. I can’t wait until the local markets start up again in about 3 months!

    1. Thanks, Lynn! It was sweet the way the two grew together to become one heart…. And then made a great addition to my roasted vegetable side dish at Thanksgiving lol

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