Shells in Winter

Shells on the sand on a sunny day in February
These shells were found on the beach in February a couple of years ago.

Shells in the sand on a sunnyThese were seen a couple days ago.

Can you tell that they are winter shells?

Does the light look colder?

Does the wind sting your fingertips when you reach down to pick one up?

Does the wave make me look older?

Shells on the beach on a sunny day in February

Observatory at Hudson Yards

Hudson yards skyscraper with triangular observation deck on a

This is edge, a not-yet-completed observation deck on one of the shiny new towers of Hudson Yards, a real-estate development in midtown Manhattan that officially opened to the public this past March.

The triangular observatory is the “highest public balcony in New York” as well as the “highest outdoor deck in the entire Western Hemisphere,” according to the Hudson Yards website. The smaller inset triangle (fans of Nintendo’s Zelda series will see the triforce) shows the glass-bottomed floor of the observation deck, which allows visitors to see the street 1,100 feet below.

The official website says visits to edge are “coming soon,” but a recent article from CNN says it’s scheduled to open next year.