Day 11, The Flower Rocket Experiment

So we’re on Day 11 of the Flower Rocket Experiment. Things are going along nicely. We had a few rainy, cloudy days so I think more sunshine could have helped these guys along a bit more.

Day 11, sprouts

Day 11, sprouts (Oops, blurry!)

Day 11, sprouts
Day 11, sprouts

Now it seems like the pot that had the green spiral stuff sticking out of the soil might actually be doing better than the one that was buried farther down. I guess we’ll see how they go.

I almost feel bad comparing them. Like they say you’re not supposed to compare your children (even in your head, to yourself….but how can you not?).  Maybe part of it is because I know which one of my children planted which pot 🙂

The Flower Rocket Experiment

On Mother’s Day, my daughter proudly marched me outside to see my gift. What looked like a piece of blue bubble wrap sticking out of a flower pot is actually something called the Flower Rocket (as seen on TV!, apparently). The grandparents helped my kids plant them, and luckily they saved the box so there was something to explain what I was looking at. This allowed me to show genuine enthusiasm for my gift, as opposed to the times when, well…anyone who’s ever gotten a scribbled paper as a present knows what I’m talking about.

Flower rocket day 5
Flower Rocket Day 5

So here they are on Day 5. Looking good, seeing some tiny bits of green sprouting.

Flower Rocket, Day 5, closeup
Day 5, sprouts

Day 5, sprouts, flower rocket
Day 5, sprouts

Here they are on Day 7. You can start to see differences between the sprouts. So far, so good.

Day 7, sprouts, flower rocket
Day 7, sprouts

Day 7, sprouts, flower rocket
Day 7, sprouts

The box promises that I’m getting 15 flower varieties, with more than 2,000 seeds, thousands of flowers, and continuous blooming all summer long. I’m excited and looking forward to how these turn out!

Has anyone had experience with these rocket things? I see that there’s a tomato one as well.

UPDATE: April 2015, To see how it all turned out, see the list of posts that I wrote about my two Flower Rockets

Book spine poem: Scandalous summer

Here’s another book spine poem, this time using books that don’t belong to my children.


The husband’s secret
The naked mom
Summer people chasing fire

I have only just started The Husband’s Secret, but I get the impression that it’s about a life-changing, world-shattering secret that rocks the lives of many people. Well, the book jacket pretty much says that verbatim so I guess it’s less of an impression I got and more of some words I actually read. Anyway I’m constantly guessing at what the secret is going to be, my imagination running wild with different scandalous scenarios. That’s what inspired the poem.

I’m also trying like hell to finish Cold Days before Friday, when Jim Butcher will do an AMA on reddit! So excited for that and trying to get caught up beforehand. I know I can always read it later, this being the Internet, but it’s not the same.

Authors: Liane Moriarty, Brooke Burke, Elin Hilderbrand, Nora Roberts, and thanks to Stan at Sentence First for the idea.

Book Spine Poem: Dad is Fat

Came across book spine poems yesterday, thanks to Stan at Sentence first. Thought I’d try it out, too.


Dad’s Book.
This little piggy
eating the alphabet!
What am I?
Dad is Fat.

I don’t have many books at my place currently. Most of them are in storage, and I often use the library for anything new. But, my children have a lot of books. These belong to them, except the last one.

Authors: Parragon Publishing, Hannah Wood, Lois Ehlert, Judy Freudberg, Sterling Publishing, Jim Gaffigan

Asparagus season is here! Plus thoughts on Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Fresh asparagus is a treat. I picked my own for the first time this week and loved it. I had never tasted asparagus raw. Such a tender texture and fresh notes of green bean and pea. It will be difficult to go back to dull, woody, out-of-season, grocery-store asparagus now.

It’s time to pick asparagus.

Last year I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. Until then, I hadn’t considered how or when it grew, and I found the author’s description of it fascinating. I imagined the reddish buds poking out of the ground in early spring, the root systems and clusters of sprouts, or the fern-like bushes that the unpicked stalks will become. Last year I missed the pick-your-own (PYO) season, and this week, after many months, it did not disappoint. Continue reading “Asparagus season is here! Plus thoughts on Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”

Ghost Story: Dresden Remixed

Warning, SPOILERS: for #13 of The Dresden Files, Ghost Story

Sometimes there’s a benefit to being so behind on things. I’ve had the luxury of reading the Dresden Files books whenever I chose, always knowing the next one was just a library trip away. I’m excited to be almost caught up, and to read Skin Game when everyone else does, but I’m also slightly worried about having to wait for the publication of the next installment. Especially after the cliff-hanger between Changes and Ghost Story. Continue reading “Ghost Story: Dresden Remixed”

Changes: Invasion of the children

Warning, SPOILERS: for #12 of The Dresden Files, Changes

I just finished Changes a few days ago. I have mixed feelings.

Part of me thought that as I was reading one day, Susan might show up with a kid. I didn’t really think much beyond that, because I was hoping it wouldn’t happen. Having a child is great. It changes your life in so many wonderful and amazing ways. But having a child is also a constant source of worry and anxiety. Usually this is low-grade worry about things that don’t matter much in the long run, but there are occasional spikes of real threats and worries that go along with them. Any parent who has read books or articles on parenting will be terrified into thinking that children are in danger every moment of the day (usually because of something the parent didn’t do or buy correctly). Mitigating this terror with the need to keep the kids safe and healthy can sap the energy out of even the most relaxed parent. But basically, you do the best you can and trust that everything will work out all right.

Harry, who is always dodging bullets of one kind or another, doesn’t need that kind of worry in his life. As a reader, I feel like neither do I. Continue reading “Changes: Invasion of the children”

Cramming before Skin Game

With roughly a month before #15 of The Dresden Files series, Skin Game, comes out, I’m trying to get caught up so I can read the new book spoiler-free as soon as it’s released. I started reading the series last year and was instantly hooked. As much as I try to pace myself with these books, they end up being much too fun and I compulsively read until they are over. Up to this point, I have had to request each book from my county’s network of libraries, which means I’ve had to wait a couple weeks until I could pick them up at my local branch. Next on my list is Changes, and much to my joy and simultaneous dismay, my library has the next three books sitting right there on the shelf, just waiting for me to pick them up and bring them home.

Three Dresden books at once.


Goddamnit! Continue reading “Cramming before Skin Game”