R is for Remember Me

Broken Tombstone in revolutionary war cemetery
After flesh dies
And stone breaks,
After life tries
And death takes,
Remember me.

When hopes end and fires rend
When silence reigns on frozen plains
Remember me.

Before the last hill shakes
And the last heart breaks,
Before the last ship sails
And the last bloom pales,
Before the last tree falls
And the last song calls,
Remember me.

Before the last ones know
They’ve seen the last winds blow,
Before void and rhyme shift to swallow time
Remember me
Remember me
Remember me

Photo Challenge: Weightless Heart

Sketch of a heart with wings, with lens flare

Is your heart as light as a feather?
Can it float up high on the wind?
Or does it hold on to secrets
buried deep within?

Will it be weighed down?
Is it broken?
Does it feel guilty, icy, sharp, or mean?

Can you shake loose those stones inside it?
Can you smooth them, soothe them,
reach in and remove them?
Throw them away and make your soul clean.

Do this
So your heart can fly free.


In response to this week’s photo challenge prompt: weight(less)

I is for Icy Walls of Hell

ice frozen to a wall, icicles

How could you cause us so much pain?
What broke inside you ere you fell?

The faith you sold for selfish gain
The glory you sought to attain
The guilt that soon will be your chain
Encasing you
Within the icy walls of Hell.


I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge for the month of April. The idea is to post every day, except Sundays, and end up with one post for each letter of the alphabet. It’s a good challenge to help me to blog every day.

Photo101: Solitude

headstone in cemetery

Alone each of us enters death;
In solitude, while the living world hums.
Our bones in grateful company kept
Under stone and mournful blurb
Until forever comes
Or someone dare the tomb disturb.


Once again, an image from the Revolutionary War cemetery also seen in Edge and Pop of Color. I’m finally caught up with assignments, except for the two latest optional weekend ones. Photo101 has been fun, but it’s just about over. I’m considering doing the A to Z Challenge next month, which would incorporate more writing. We’ll see how it shakes out.