Crimson king maple leaves in springReddish-brown the leaves for now
But darkly purple later.
Red wears a crown when leaves fall down
But the Crimson King’s is greater.

Sun behind crimson king maple in spring

I had planned to post this back in May when the leaves had opened up on the tree and it possibly would have made more sense. But there are many things that didn’t go as planned this year. We’re all doing what we can.

I hope you are doing well where you are. Take care.

Flower Rocket Roundup: Last Year’s Failure

Last year I received two pots planted with something called a Flower Rocket for Mother’s Day. I had high hopes, initially chronicling the growth of the two pots that would eventually lead to “thousands of blooms,” according to the product’s packaging.

My last entry comes from day 48, when nothing much was happening after 7 weeks. Throughout the summer I got maybe 6-8 flowers. I took some pictures, but apparently wasn’t excited enough to rush inside and blog about it.

A cosmo from my Flower Rocket last year
A cosmo from my Flower Rocket last year

Here are a couple of those pictures. It seems I couldn’t even be bothered to snap a decent shot of the few flowers that did come.

flower rocket pink flower
Some kind of pink flower too. There was a white one as well but the photo is too blurry to identify it.

I suppose these do the job of proving that some flowers happened.

Here’s the maple tree that grew last summer in the Flower Rocket pot. I’m so happy that it survived the winter. I used photos of its tiny, new leaves in my post for Photo101: Scale last month.

Best thing to come out of the Flower Rocket Experiment was the maple tree that happened to grow in the pot.
Best thing to come out of the Flower Rocket Experiment was the maple tree that happened to grow in the pot.

I had a bad experience with the Flower Rocket, but to be fair to its manufacturers, it’s possible that my balcony doesn’t get enough sunlight. There’s nothing anyone can do about that. I hope that other people have successful rockets flying to the land of “thousands of blooms,” but it didn’t work for me.

Spring Tree Buds

maple leaf buds
Some kind of maple

Finally I’m starting to see some confirmation that spring is here.

tree buds in spring, blue sky
Is it another kind of maple?

So many trees can’t be wrong.

dogwood buds
Hello, dogwoods!

I mean, you can’t fool all the trees, right? Spring is here for real?

sugar gum maple buds
Sweetgum buds

I think these could be silver maple buds. Maybe Amy can confirm? They do look similar to what she posted.

silver maple buds
This could be a silver maple tree?