O is for Offseason #AtoZChallenge

Snow and seagulls on beachFinally this year I was able to visit the beach during winter. I had always wanted to go there during its offseason, just to know what it was like to walk next to the ocean in opposite weather of what I’m used to.

Treads on beach covered in

It was as beautiful, windy, and cold as I had guessed it would be.

Snow on beach with person in
A bundled figure walks while several surfers wait for the next wave

Beach Grass

beach grass

I loved seeing these beach grass shoots coming up out of the sand. I don’t know much about beach grass or how it grows, but I’d never seen it this short or young before. I’m guessing this is new growth popping up at springtime and it will continue to get taller until it reaches the heights of the dried stalks in the background. Maybe I’m wrong. Anyway.

There’s something cheerful and optimistic about it.

So green and fresh on the calm shores of the bay.