Photo101: Triumph

daffodil shoots pushing up dirt
Push, push! You can do it!

I love the strength and patience of nature. To me, this image represents the triumph of spring over a long winter.

Except we’re expecting a chance of snow showers tomorrow, haha. I wish I were joking.

I found a similar example of plant power in my post for Edge, which shows a tree that is in the process of rearranging a couple headstones in an old cemetery.

So I have heard that this is the final assignment for Photo101. I have really enjoyed this course and feel like I have learned a lot. I enjoyed discovering new blogs and seeing how others interpret the themes. Thanks to everyone for checking out my posts and for your feedback! 🙂

I think I will do the A to Z Challenge next month and hopefully will not get too behind with the posts.

Photo101: Solitude

headstone in cemetery

Alone each of us enters death;
In solitude, while the living world hums.
Our bones in grateful company kept
Under stone and mournful blurb
Until forever comes
Or someone dare the tomb disturb.


Once again, an image from the Revolutionary War cemetery also seen in Edge and Pop of Color. I’m finally caught up with assignments, except for the two latest optional weekend ones. Photo101 has been fun, but it’s just about over. I’m considering doing the A to Z Challenge next month, which would incorporate more writing. We’ll see how it shakes out.

Photo101: Edge

gravestone wrapped in treeFor the Edge assignment, I thought of this headstone. The right edge is lost in the tree, and the bottom of the left edge is actually fully enveloped. I wonder if, given enough time, the tree would swallow it completely?

tombstone pushed by tree
Move over, stone.

One the other side of the same tree, another stone has been pushed out of alignment. It’s amazing what nature can do. Slow and steady wins the race.

old tree pushing tombstones in cemetery
Excuse me, coming through.

This was found in the same Revolutionary War-era cemetery as my post for Pop of Color.

Photo101: Glass

glasses resting in a book, daytime
Contacts by day, glasses at night

The assignment for Glass got me thinking about how much I would love to visit the Corning Museum of Glass in New York state. It’s been such a long time since I was there but it left an impression. I love watching glassblowing demonstrations and find it such a fascinating art form. With that said, I’m a little bummed that I couldn’t come up with something I feel more inspired about for this assignment. You know, for someone who loves glass so much 😛 Oh, the pressure!

rectangular parts of a framed mirror
This is part of a mirror.

Photo101: Treasure

headphones outside on the deck
This image for Photo101 is meant to symbolize something that I treasure: time to myself. I don’t get a lot of it, and when I do, it’s like gold. Of course, of course, I love and treasure my children and husband, extended family, and friends. I’m incredibly happy that I am able to spend so much time with my family.

But I also need a little time to myself. A little sanctuary where I can think, read, write, create something of my own…or even just to watch TV. To do what I feel like doing, without compromise. I put my headphones in and enjoy a few treasured moments.

Photo101: Scale

Tiny, brand-new maple leaves
Tiny, brand-new maple leaves

I wanted to show these tiny leaves for the assignment called Scale. These are from one of three maple trees that sprouted from seed last year in my planter. I brought the pot inside for the winter and these leaves appeared just the other day. I’m so happy to see that at least this one survived. It’s nice to have a touch of spring’s renewal inside my home.

I taped a quarter to the wall for scale.

Three trees that spouted last summer
Three trees that spouted last summer

These saplings made their home in one of my Flower Rocket pots, which were a Mother’s Day gift last year. The Flower Rocket was a preloaded seed pod that promised thousands of blooms, but it didn’t quite work out. I only got a handful of stray flowers throughout the summer, and that’s from two rockets. I posted updates last year but eventually got so fed up with them that I didn’t want to think about them anymore, focusing instead on the little trees that found their way up to my balcony.

Photo101: Architecture

Italianate style home
Italiante, or American Bracket, style home, 1874

Here’s my entry for the assignment Architecture and Monochrome. I loved these Victorian-style homes, and learned that this home is an example of the Italiante style, according to a sign put up by the town’s historical society. The second home was not mentioned on the sign but I thought it was pretty.

Victorian style home

I can’t help but include the color photos of these homes. I realized halfway through working on this assignment that the reason I’m drawn to these homes is because of their whimsical and detailed colors. Putting the images into monochrome took away from their charm, so in a way this assignment was a bit of a fail. But it made me realize that you need to approach a monochrome assignment differently, so I guess I learned a little something.

Italiante style
Italiante, or American Bracket, style

This color scheme made me smile! So much is lost in the black and white image.

pink and purple Victorian style home
Pink and purple house? Yes, please!

Photo101: Motion

blue crab in aquarium
Well Hi there! Let me introduce you to your new friends corn on the cob and red potatoes. I bet you’ll get along swimmingly.

This blue crab at the Liberty Science Center began waving its arms and legs frantically when I walked up to the glass. I think it could tell that I was imagining about how tasty it would be steamed with a little Old Bay seasoning.

There was a shortage of blue crabs last year (in part due to them cannibalizing each other), so I’m hoping for the best for this season! If I get desperate, I know where to find at least one 😛

This was for the Photo101 assignment called Moment and Motion.