Photo Challenge: Harmony

Coffee and a nutella crepe

Coffee and a nutella crepe

What’s better together than coffee and a crepe?

Nutella crepe and coffeeeeeee, sit together in perfect harmony,
Side by side on the table let’s try, oh my, so yummyyyyyyy!!!

I’ve had “Ebony and Ivory” playing in my head since seeing the photo challenge on Friday, and I’m not complaining. I like that song, and love Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.

And taking a note from the challenge post about the museum’s music that was both chaotic and melodic, I thought about Times Square in the same way. It’s made up of so many people, each trying to get to a different place, all at the same time, yet somehow it works out in its own unique way. One moment a guy is pushing a nuts cart down the middle of 7th Avenue, and the next minute he’s back up on the sidewalk and traffic resumes.

Times square at night

I love the music and energy of Times Square. For some people, like my dear friend, it’s practically cause for a panic attack. I suppose I get energized and inspired with the possibilities found in New York. It is full of surprises and potential. This concept seems to be distilled and exaggerated in Times Square, but I love it anyway in all its loud and neon glory.

10 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Harmony”

  1. Coffee and a crepe….yes please 🙂 sounds good to me right now. My brother and his family visit NY several times a year and love it !!! One day I will get there 🙂

  2. A coffee and a crepe would go down well at any time, Cynthia. As for New York, I’ve never yet managed to get there.. I’m not a city girl at heart, but I’d love to see it, just for the experience. Your photo of the city is wonderful and illustrates the vibes/energy you talk about so well – as well as the harmony theme. All the different elements in the photo come together so well to make one whole. I’m glad the man with the nuts cart survived his tootle down the middle of the road! Lol.

    1. Thanks, Millie! New York is certainly an experience, I hope you get to visit someday. You had me laughing at the word “tootle” lol because yes, he wasn’t in much of a hurry to move his wobbly cart out of one of the busiest streets in the world.

        1. And it’s things like that which prevent me from ever attempting to drive in New York. I would be a nervous wreck behind the wheel already, and then oh, suddenly there’s a man with cart in the the street. What?! Too stressful. I’m much better in the navigator’s seat anyway. I can read a map and everything 🙂

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