I Think It’s Sorghum

Sorghum grain

Sorghum grain

I passed this beautiful field a few weeks ago and I think it’s sorghum growing. I learned about sorghum syrup when I spent some time in the South, but I recently learned that the grains are edible, too. Some even say it’s a supergrain, with more health benefits than quinoa. I haven’t tried sorghum grain, but I will be on the lookout for it.

It’s pretty, even if it ends up not tasting good.

6 thoughts on “I Think It’s Sorghum”

        1. I never quite got the hang of sorghum syrup either haha. I just recently discovered that the grain was edible. It’s supposed to be a super food, similar to quinoa. When I lived in Tennessee, I only ever heard people talk about the syrup.

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