22 thoughts on “Hurry Home, Bugs”

        1. Thanks! They can’t hop high, like a grasshopper can, so they kind of scurry along the ground. They do make that charming/annoying cricket chirping sound, depending on your point of view (or mood lol)

              1. ha ha well my brother in law came from saudi and said oh my gosh what is that noise what is it!!!!! We were all trying to figure it out!!!! It was the crickets! just background music for us lol

                1. Haha, I can see where it could be a disorienting and strange sound if you’ve never heard it before. Were there any common insect or animal sounds that you had to get used to when you first moved to Saudi Arabia?

                    1. Eek!! I couldn’t do roaches and lizards! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lizard outside of a zoo or pet store. Salamanders, yes, but they are small and kind of shy and cute, so they aren’t intimidating or frightening if I see them in the woods. I can imagine the stray cats being scary and sad.

                    2. Aww, poor kitties. That would bum me out. Hey, change of subject, but do you know anything about putting cardamom in tea and coffee? I just came across some information about cardamom that said “in the Middle East” it is sometimes added to coffee or tea. If you’ve already included that in one if your posts, I apologize.

                    3. Oh, interesting. Do you like the taste of it? Maybe I’ll try making some. I’m curious about Scandinavian breads baked with cardamom, and I’m looking into other uses before I buy some. It’s pretty expensive stuff! Thanks for all the info, it’s been nice chatting with you!

                    4. Yes it is expensive for sure! Well I didn’t love it to be honest. I think it is an acquired taste and they eat something very sweet with it or that is what they offered me all the time, like dates or very sweet sticky candy! It has a distinct flavor! Nice chatting with you too!

                    5. You’re right, it is a distinct flavor. I know the taste but have never cooked with it. I bet you have to really love it to brew it with your coffee. Still, I’d probably give it a try. No sticky candy for me, though, lol.

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