Purple, Packing, Patching, and Picking

Lilacs in sunshine

Lilacs in

Still working on moving.

Spackling choices at the store

Packing and patching and painting.

Cherries that are growing and still green
These cherries aren’t quite ready yet

But trying also to enjoy things and not get too bogged down.


We have picked asparagus and strawberries so far this season.

5 lbs box of picked strawberries

I tried to make strawberry jam without added pectin, but due to a number of errors ended up with 4 pints of strawberry sauce. Tastes great, but a little too runny for sandwiches. So far I have added it to yogurt. Maybe pancake topping will be the next experiment.

Hope everything is going well for you.

11 thoughts on “Purple, Packing, Patching, and Picking”

  1. Hi Cynthia, I have never attempted strawberry jam, but don’t worry, I have had several kitchen/baking/cooking ‘hic-cups’ these last few weeks. Strawberry sauce over cheesecake is really good as well.
    Your pic’s are lovely, I have never seen asparagus growing out the ground like that – so fascinating.
    The packing up to move is not the greatest, but I do wish you all the best. Take care 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lynne! Cheesecake is a great idea, what a nice excuse to eat some 🙂 Sorry to hear you have been having kitchen hiccups as well. Here’s to better success ahead. Asparagus is so interesting and delicious when fresh. I hope you get to visit a farm one day and pick your own!

  2. Good luck with the move! It sounds like everything is coming along. Those strawberries are beautiful! I did that once when I didn’t have pectin 🙂

  3. Jam making is an art I’ve never yet mastered! But if I ended up with strawberry sauce, I’m sure everyone would love it on ice cream and other desserts. Your strawberries look amazing. We don’t grow them nowadays – more’s the pity. You have cherries, too. It must be a wonderful garden. I hope you get as much pleasure from your new one.

    1. I wish that all my photos came from my own garden! I have no garden, but a balcony since I’m on the third floor. If I had cherry trees on my property I would never want to leave! That’s the dream for whenever we do end up moving. I usually visit farms to pick my own fruit.

      1. Even a small garden can be made very pretty. You can have post of colourful plants or herbs, tomatoes or strawberries etc. PYO fruit is a great idea. I love going strawberry picking. 🙂

        1. I agree. Usually I have so many potted flowers and vegetables out on my balcony that it looks like a mini jungle, but i had none this year since we were trying to sell. Oh well, maybe next year. I do love visiting local farms for picking, and I just realized it’s apple season! Maybe next weekend 🍎😊

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