White and black butterfly

I went to a butterfly conservatory last year. I know there were monarchs there, but it seems that I didn’t get a photo of one. My images aren’t great, but I thought I would share. They bring back fond memories for me.

Two butterflies on a perch in conservatory

The volunteers at the conservatory were very excited to point this type out to visitors (below, on the left): it’s called a lacewing butterfly. Gets the name from the frilly edges of the wings.

Lacewing butterfly

They referred to these next three as clearwing butterflies, and a search online redirects to the name glasswing butterfly. The wings are like windows, allowing light and color to pass through them. I was fascinated. These were my favorite.

Glasswing or clearwing

Those are the only names I remember, but I haven’t forgotten the little drama happening between the volunteers.

Glasswing or clearwing butterfly

There were three ladies assisting visitors with questions about the different butterfly names, habits, etc. One lady seemed to be a bit of a know-it-all, and the other two did not appreciate it.

Glasswing or clearwing

In fact, she once butted in and corrected the volunteer answering one of my questions. The correction was a point so minute that it probably didn’t need to be voiced and didn’t really register as something worth noting.

Butterfly drinking from a feeder

But, a few minutes later I overheard “my” volunteer relaying the story to the third lady, who quickly said, “She’s always doing that to me! It’s so rude!” This was followed by an exchange of anecdotes, eye rolls, and tsk-tsks.

Rainbow colored butterfly and red and black

This was near the end of the conservatory’s five-month run, and these two women had had enough. Clearly they did not volunteer to have their butterfly knowledge constantly picked over and graded by this über-volunteer.

A brown butterfly out moth

But back to the butterflies, these beautiful and delicate creatures who flit and flap as they please, never pausing quite long enough for my camera to capture them well in the odd lighting.

An orange and a brown

This one was on my head, tickling my hair moments before.

White and black

This was my first trip to a butterfly conservatory and I loved it. Seeing them up close and watching them fly around the room was magical.


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