Photo Challenge: Symbol–Wealth

Yellow Ferrari 458 italia
An expensive sportscar — symbol of wealth, luxury, and excess.

It blinds you with the mystery of its existence. How much does that cost? Whose is it? How do they afford it? And, of course, finally, jealously, What does it feel like to drive one?

A quick search online of this Ferrari and it seems to be a 458, which runs upward of $250,000. Even used, you’ll still pay roughly $200K for one.

It’s difficult to imagine spending so much money on a car. Easy to imagine having lots of money, I do that all the time, but hard to imagine parting with such a big chunk of it for something that’s going to drive on the roads with other cars and trucks and possibly be smashed — destroyed in the blink of an eye. Maybe I’m not imagining having enough money. I should think bigger, to the point where I’m not sweating $250K here or there.

What this particular Ferrari 458 is doing parked in the lot of this apartment building, with beat-up Honda Civics and minivans as neighbors, is anyone’s guess.

This week’s photo challenge theme is Symbol.

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