Terraria Toys

Terraria toys for sale

Terraria toys for sale

So I have always kind of scoffed at the Minecraft toys that I’ve seen in the stores. I know it’s an incredibly popular game, but I’m thinking, “Really? Did they need to make toys too?”

But, I have to admit that when I saw these Terraria toys for sale in Target right next to the Minecraft display, I felt strangely proud 😛

Terraria toys for sale
Seriously though? Who wants to buy this?

Go for it, Terraria, get some of that merch cash!

6 thoughts on “Terraria Toys”

  1. They sure look somewhat violent but the fact that they are oriental they may be influenced by the martial arts which do use weapons, such as the Samurai.

  2. Well, the toys represent items and characters from the game. A big part of Terraria is crafting weapons so you can fight off the bad guys (like the skull toy) so I guess in that sense the game is somewhat violent. Due to the low-res, pixelated look, I suppose the details are open to interpretation. Where one person might see a samurai sword, someone else will imagine the chunky graphics as something totally different. I have a few screenshots of the game in this post, if you’re interested in checking it out: https://cynthiamvoss.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/terraria-or-why-ive-been-so-sleepy-lately/

    1. Hahaha, good luck avoiding the toy aisle at Target, you might see them one day. Do you guys play Minecraft too? I’ve never tried it but from what I hear Terraria is very similar.

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