Bread Bowls

bread bowl, chicken soup
Smallish bread bowls

Cold weather leads to soup, which, the other day, led to bread bowls. I tried a recipe called Italian Bread Bowls, found on, and modified it by adding garlic powder, basil, and oregano to the dough. I had not tried to make bread bowls before, but have enjoyed eating them many times.

So my first thought was that they turned out pretty small. I could just about fit one ladle of soup in each one.  I channeled Zoolander, demanding, “What is this, a bread bowl for ants??”

Kidding aside, it’s a nice recipe. I should admit that before I started baking, I did see comments saying the bowls turned out small. The recipe makes 8 bowls, and lots of people suggested making 6 instead. I had cut the 8-bowl recipe in half and made 4 so that I could see for myself how small was “too small.” Next time i will try baking 3 instead.

The bread tasted good. The crust and structure were strong enough to hold the soup, and the texture inside was soft.

The soup I threw together with some homemade stock, leftover roasted chicken, onion, carrots, and, in an attempt to infuse a little bit of summer flavor, some frozen greens and corn.