V is for Vectors​ #AtoZChallenge

Wooden beams in a hexagonal ceilingWhat was it that I learned about vectors? It was a long time ago. Something about triangles and movement and direction. Then you draw an arrow over the letters and call it bar? Didn’t really come in handy I guess.

I wish I had learned more at school about how to fix things in my home. I feel helpless when something breaks because I’m not confident I will be able to finish the repair job and afraid that I’ll make things worse.

This fear was reinforced yesterday when I tried to clean some lint out of my dryer. It seemed simple: take out three screws, remove the thin metal plate and take out the lint. Well, it seems that those screws were also holding the drum in place and now we can’t get it back together. We’ll probably have to call a professional. I’m trying to research how to fix it but not having much luck finding info.

I feel defeated by my dryer, by the mystery of what makes appliances go, and by home repairs in general. Why couldn’t I have spent more time learning practical things?