Photo101: Composition Gallery

For the first weekend of Photo101, the assignment was to create a gallery showing different compositions of the same subject. Here are some alternate shots of my post for the Street assignment.

dead end street in the winter, garbage on street, empty bag of dog food on the street, sidewalk, tree, houses and yellow dead end sign
Vertical shot (with bonus dog food bag)

I think the discarded bag of dog food adds something to the melancholy of the Dead End scene. You never know what you’ll find when those giant piles of snow melt off the corners of the streets and parking lots. There’s gold in them thar hills! Or, more likely, just empty bags of Ol’ Roy.

dead end street in the winter, sidewalk, tree, houses and yellow dead end sign
Sidewalk in the middle

Here’s a slightly different angle of the street with the sidewalk framed by the sign and the tree. I liked how this was laid out, especially with the sidewalk leading to the telephone pole in the distance, but I didn’t use it because it seemed to be a picture of the sidewalk rather than showing an image of the street.

dead end street in the winter, snow on the ground, yellow dead end sign
A little different from the original

And this is closer to the original shot, but with the sign tucked slightly further into the corner of the frame.

I’m pretty far behind with my posts for Photo101 but I hope to get caught up this weekend!

Photo101: Street

dead end, cul De sac, street, winter
The photo assignment is called Street and I chose this dead end, or cul-de-sac, along with its yellow warning sign.

I love the use of “dead end” as an adjective, as in “dead-end job” or “dead-end relationship.” I think it’s the word “dead” that adds such a morbid sound to a phrase that describes things that are actually quite ordinary. A street that stops. A job with no future. A relationship that will never make it to that next level.

I suppose I enjoy the melodrama of the phrase “dead end.” And I also enjoy a diamond-shaped, yellow street sign proclaiming DEAD END, lest anyone turn down that road expecting some kind of future.