Smores for Lunch

Toasting a marshmallow

I had this awesome spot set up that would perfectly toast the marshmallows. Like a little kiln in the fire pit. I’m usually to impatient to toast them, and I plunge them straight into the flames until they are charred and molten balls of goo. I love the burnt marshmallow taste, but I can also appreciate the subtlety of a perfectly golden toasting.

The phone rang–an important call from the doctor. Then the looming rain finally started coming down and took out the coals.

Oh well, smores for lunch wasn’t the best idea anyway.

Summer is indeed just about over.

Too Many Smores

Campfire for smoresI certainly ate too many smores tonight. I can’t help myself around smores and a campfire. Burnt marshmallow is my favorite. It’s so rare that I get the chance to toast marshmallows that I just go nuts. It’s not like I can put one of these things on the wooden balcony of my apartment.

Backyards are awesome.

Toaster Oven Smores

graham crackers, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows making smores
Just 2 mins away from a tasty little snack

Here’s a quick and easy snack that kids will love to help make.

You need:

–Graham crackers
–Chocolate chips
–Mini marshmallows


1. Set out some graham crackers on the tray.

graham crackers, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows making a smores
I think 6 chips and 4 marshmallows is the perfect proportion

2. Arrange the chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. This is the part that the kids like to help with, or might possibly see as an opportunity to shove as many chips in his mouth as he can before I shoo him away. Depends on the kid, haha.

3. Put them in the toaster oven on the broiler setting. I do 2-3 mins for the kids (so the chocolate isn’t blazingly hot, just a little soft) and I’ll do a full 5 mins for myself because I love marshmallows toasted and burnt.

burnt mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and graham cracker making a smores
Ahh, burnt to perfection.

4. Place the top cracker on and squish together.