Things That Are Cold: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

icicles, rust
This week’s topic for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge is things that are cold.

Snow on a fence and trees

I see a pattern with my images: they are mostly based on the weather. Snow and ice and cold is all I can think about. The temperatures will drop this weekend to their lowest of the winter so far.

snow on trees

I wonder how I would have done this challenge in the summer time? Maybe images of ice-cold drinks sitting out in the sun?

slide, playground, snow

Speaking of summer, it will be nice to get out to the parks and playgrounds again.

snow and ice on the lake with dried grass

Or go swimming in the lake.

dock, snow, ice, night, grass

Or go check out the marina near the beach.

Dried hydrangea in snow afternoon sunlight

Looking at flowers again in warm weather.

snow pile, stop sign

Or even just looking at stop signs without being reminded of snow.

ice frozen to a wall, icicles

But for now, my world is full of things that are cold. And that includes me!


Snowy Baby Swings

baby swings, playground, snow
There’s magic waiting in these swings

In only a matter of weeks, how many babies will take their first swings right here?

How many moms and dads will hear the squeals of delight that swings bring to children who have been cooped up indoors for months?

Spring is truly an exciting time.

For now, the playground can rest under snow and ice. Soon it will have quite a lot of work to do.

Snowy Playground

Yesterday it snowed, but the colors of the playground looked inviting.

slide, playground, snow

At least that chunk of ice got to enjoy the slide. Whheeeeeeeeeeee!!

swings, playground, snow

Usually kids have to wait for a turn on these swings.

red, slides, playground, snow

Soon these slides will be filled with shrieking children, but for now all’s quiet.

yellow, playground, snow

The colors just popped out from the grey and white of the snow.
playground, snow

I also did a post about the baby swings at this playground.