Blue and Purple Flowers: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

purple and orange pansies
For Cee’s photo challenge of blue and purple flowers, here are some from the archives. Pansies from the early spring.

Purple morning glory next to celery and tomato plant
A morning glory plant that was a Mother’s Day gift that bloomed in July.

Pink and purple hydrangeas

Hydrangeas in summer.

purple lilacs in vase

And finally, some lilacs that I had close to Mother’s Day.

Colorful Pansies

purple and orange pansies

I need some color!

Between the Black and White 5-Day Challenge and the drab state of affairs outside due to this long winter, my blog and I are in need of some color.

white and yellow pansies I had hoped for more flowers when I visited the gardening section of the hardware store, but I think it’s still too cold to keep all those plants outside. For now it’s just a few pansies and fruit trees.