Bring Me A Letter

Please, bring me a letter. Or a card would be nice.

Please, no more lonely bills, grocery store flyers, insurance papers, oil change coupons, credit card offers, cable company deals, menus for restaurants I’ll never visit, or other wasted paper.

Please, bring me a letter from someone who loves me.

monochrome mailboxes
Mail a card to someone. It’s guaranteed to brighten their day.

Black and White Challenge, Day 3 of 5

rusty mailbox, black and white
I like the rust and peeling paint

Here is a rusty old mailbox.

I was challenged by Sarah at Chilly Bella Photo Art to take up the Black and White 5-Day Challenge. This is the first time I have done such a challenge. Photo 101 is over and this seems like fun, too. Part of the fun is to nominate another blogger, one on each day.

Today, I nominate Nonny Moose. I liked her work in Photo 101. Nonny, if you accept, the goal is to post one B&W photo each day for five days, and to nominate a fellow blogger each day to join in.

There is no pressure to accept this challenge. It’s just for fun! 🙂