That’s Not Candy

Blue, yellow and pink sweethearts candy for Valentine's

“That’s not candy, yuck!”

This is what my son decided after trying the Sweethearts candy that he came home with today. I had to agree.

I also had to agree with the blue heart when I saw the printing job on these things. LOL indeed.

I remember these candies tasting just as bad when I was a kid, but I don’t remember such a high ratio of printing errors in a package. But then again, maybe nothing ever is quite as we remember.

I hope you had a happy Valentine’s day!


Photo Challenge: Weightless Heart

Sketch of a heart with wings, with lens flare

Is your heart as light as a feather?
Can it float up high on the wind?
Or does it hold on to secrets
buried deep within?

Will it be weighed down?
Is it broken?
Does it feel guilty, icy, sharp, or mean?

Can you shake loose those stones inside it?
Can you smooth them, soothe them,
reach in and remove them?
Throw them away and make your soul clean.

Do this
So your heart can fly free.


In response to this week’s photo challenge prompt: weight(less)