Fried Green Tomatoes and Broiled Catfish

Fried green tomatoes and Broiled catfish with lemon

I found a lot of green tomatoes at the farmers market last month and cooked this one Sunday afternoon.

I got a tip from a lady at the market to dip the tomato slices in flour, then egg, then the cornmeal. Your fingers turn into a breaded mess, but that’s what it takes. I always had the problem of the breading falling off as soon as the slices hit the oil.

Photo Challenge: Admiration

A carpet of pink petals on the green grass in afternoonI admire nature for bravely pairing this pink and this green. I wouldn’t have had the courage, but now that I see it, I’m completely sold. It’s perfect.

(These are petals from the crabapple trees from last year. This year they fell more gradually and the wind scattered them, so we didn’t get this gorgeous pink carpet.)

For the photo challenge Admiration.

Autumn, You Kind of Blew It

Cold, dry air blew in last night and shocked my neighborhood this morning. It finally got to us–the winter that we had been expecting for months but was no where in sight.

I knew I would do this. I don’t want to, but I can’t help it. I knew that as soon as the cold weather came I’d be wishing it was warm again. Daydreaming about spring and summer and green things.

Oak tree green leaves, green grass
Green, and a few leaves tickled with yellow

I really do like winter at times, but I guess not at the moment. The problem now is the sudden change in weather. We had record-breaking warm temperatures at Christmas. I wore a sundress because I was too lazy to dig out my shorts that are packed away in the closet. And now suddenly we’ve got this icy wind swirling outside.

What happened to the smooth transition between seasons?

I can’t help feeling that autumn really dropped the ball. Of course it was fun to keep pretending it was going to be warm forever, but you were supposed to gradually get cooler so that one day we would be so close to winter that we wouldn’t even notice that you had left. Maybe next year you could things a bit more like usual. And could you have a talk with winter? It’s coming on a little strong, maybe it can tone things down a little. Thanks.

The Summer Half of the Color Wheel

Orange, yellow and green cherry tomatoesOrange, yellow, and green — three colors showing one of the best things that summer has to offer.
Orange, yellow, green cherry tomatoesThese cherry tomatoes are tiny, but they are filled with summertime flavor and make me happy. I love stepping outside for a little snack, and watching the colors change from green to yellow to orange.
Orange, yellow, green cherry tomatoes