Photo Challenge: Admiration

A carpet of pink petals on the green grass in afternoonI admire nature for bravely pairing this pink and this green. I wouldn’t have had the courage, but now that I see it, I’m completely sold. It’s perfect.

(These are petals from the crabapple trees from last year. This year they fell more gradually and the wind scattered them, so we didn’t get this gorgeous pink carpet.)

For the photo challenge Admiration.

Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet–Grass and Sidewalk Chalk

Grass close up

Grass can be quite pretty when you have the time to sit and get a good look at it.

Grass and clover

It’s nice to search for 4-leaf clovers. Bonus points if you’re lucky enough to take a nap in the grass.

Sidewalk chalk art

I saw this sidewalk chalk art at the park.

This week’s theme is beneath your feet.

The Lake in July, April, and March

Lake with cat tails and bushes
July 4

The lake, three ways. Here are some images from summer, spring, and winter.

In April, the new grass and cat tails are starting to grow. There’s not much else as far as green stuff to look at. In other years, there might be more spring plant life to see in mid-April, but winter just didn’t want to leave us this year.

April 19, the lake with new grasses starting to grow
April 19

I used this image for the Landscape assignment of Photo 101 in March.

snow and ice on the lake with dried grass
March 22

I’ll have to go back in the fall. I bet the hills look pretty when the leaves turn.

Beach Grass

beach grass

I loved seeing these beach grass shoots coming up out of the sand. I don’t know much about beach grass or how it grows, but I’d never seen it this short or young before. I’m guessing this is new growth popping up at springtime and it will continue to get taller until it reaches the heights of the dried stalks in the background. Maybe I’m wrong. Anyway.

There’s something cheerful and optimistic about it.

So green and fresh on the calm shores of the bay.