Toaster Oven Smores

graham crackers, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows making smores
Just 2 mins away from a tasty little snack

Here’s a quick and easy snack that kids will love to help make.

You need:

–Graham crackers
–Chocolate chips
–Mini marshmallows


1. Set out some graham crackers on the tray.

graham crackers, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows making a smores
I think 6 chips and 4 marshmallows is the perfect proportion

2. Arrange the chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. This is the part that the kids like to help with, or might possibly see as an opportunity to shove as many chips in his mouth as he can before I shoo him away. Depends on the kid, haha.

3. Put them in the toaster oven on the broiler setting. I do 2-3 mins for the kids (so the chocolate isn’t blazingly hot, just a little soft) and I’ll do a full 5 mins for myself because I love marshmallows toasted and burnt.

burnt mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and graham cracker making a smores
Ahh, burnt to perfection.

4. Place the top cracker on and squish together.

Strawberry Graham Cracker Sandwiches

strawberries, whipped cream, Graham crackers, sprinkles
Sweet snack time

Here’s something fun to do with the kids if you need an idea for a Valentine’s Day snack. Whip up some heavy cream, slice some strawberries, get the Graham crackers and sprinkles ready, and let the kids assemble their treats.

whipped cream, strawberries, Graham crackers, sprinkles
Ingredients for snack time fun

To make whipped cream, I add about 1 TB real maple syrup to a cup of heavy cream and then beat with a hand mixer. You could also use powdered or granulated sugar to sweeten the cream.

strawberries, whipped cream, Graham crackers
I prefer mine open faced, sans sprinkles

I got the idea for this snack from my daughter’s school, where they recently gave the kids Graham crackers and frosting so they could make a house at snack time. I usually prefer to make whipped cream to use in place of store-bought frosting. However, I quickly discovered that the frosting would have made a better mortar. The whipped cream wasn’t strong enough to hold any sort of structure together.

So, we settled on making sandwiches instead of houses. Worked out better anyway. How do you eat a house?