Photo Challenge: Now

A rainy December night with Christmas lights

It’s raining right now, and unseasonably warm. We’re expected to break a record tomorrow for the warmest Christmas Eve. Strange to be wearing T-shirts this time of year.

Paper snowflakes hanging

But it’s OK, because I have snowflakes inside.

Braided cardamom bread

And my place smells like warm braided cardamom bread.

Christmas ornaments, gingerbread man, Darth Vader
If you only knew the power of the Gingerbread Side.

And I can watch the drama unfold on the Christmas tree.

I’m trying to focus less on all the ways that Christmas is different this year. That approach quickly gets me dwelling on the negative and the sad.

Instead I’ll try to think more about the reasons why this Christmas is fun, and delicious, and joyous, and new.

In response to the photo challenge Now.