Pink or Magenta Flowers: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Hardy mums, chrysanthemum
For Cee’s photo challenge of pink or magenta flowers, here are some of mine. I saw these pink mums this fall and it was the first time I had seen them in this shade of pink.

Pale pink hyacinths in a vase
A similar thing happened recently with these hyacinths. I had never seen them in this pale pink before and I didn’t know they grew in a long-stemmed variety.

Hydrangeas in fall
A third recent discovery of mine is that the hydrangea bush (that’s been outside all the years I’ve been living here) turns pink in the fall. I had never noticed.

Japanese cherry blossom pink
But I always notice the cherry blossoms in spring.

pink tulips bouquet
Sometimes you need to get a flower fix at the grocery store.

Lilly and black eyed Susan's
And sometimes they are growing right outside your door.

pink bleeding hearts flowers
Sometimes they are bleeding hearts

Rose wet with rain next to stem of a cut rose
Or broken hearts.

And sometimes…
pale pink peony

…sometimes they are peonies.
pink peony opening side view

Pink Mums

Hardy mums, chrysanthemumI had never seen pink mums before. They are a little yellow/orange and a little of the lavender color. Pretty.

Even though I’m sad to admit I prefer the classic colors over these new-fangled shades. They also had a mix of white tinged with a little purple. I think what makes mums so striking in fall is their solid mass of bold color amid the drab fall landscape. To introduce complex, variegated colors I think reduces the visual impact.

Still, the pink is kind of delicate and nice.

Who knew I would be getting into a debate with myself over chrysanthemum colors outside the hardware store?