Ghost Story: Dresden Remixed

Warning, SPOILERS: for #13 of The Dresden Files, Ghost Story

Sometimes there’s a benefit to being so behind on things. I’ve had the luxury of reading the Dresden Files books whenever I chose, always knowing the next one was just a library trip away. I’m excited to be almost caught up, and to read Skin Game when everyone else does, but I’m also slightly worried about having to wait for the publication of the next installment. Especially after the cliff-hanger between Changes and Ghost Story. Continue reading “Ghost Story: Dresden Remixed”

Changes: Invasion of the children

Warning, SPOILERS: for #12 of The Dresden Files, Changes

I just finished Changes a few days ago. I have mixed feelings.

Part of me thought that as I was reading one day, Susan might show up with a kid. I didn’t really think much beyond that, because I was hoping it wouldn’t happen. Having a child is great. It changes your life in so many wonderful and amazing ways. But having a child is also a constant source of worry and anxiety. Usually this is low-grade worry about things that don’t matter much in the long run, but there are occasional spikes of real threats and worries that go along with them. Any parent who has read books or articles on parenting will be terrified into thinking that children are in danger every moment of the day (usually because of something the parent didn’t do or buy correctly). Mitigating this terror with the need to keep the kids safe and healthy can sap the energy out of even the most relaxed parent. But basically, you do the best you can and trust that everything will work out all right.

Harry, who is always dodging bullets of one kind or another, doesn’t need that kind of worry in his life. As a reader, I feel like neither do I. Continue reading “Changes: Invasion of the children”