Things That Are Rough: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge


Here’s my entry for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Things That Are Rough. Some textured bark on a pine tree.

Rough pile of old icy snow

What was once an inviting, fluffy mountain of snow is now a dirty pile of chopped ice. It melts a little each day but freezes again at night.┬áTry to play on this and you’ll slip, the rough chunks of ice scratching your hand as you brace your fall.

Cactus and yellow flowers in New Jersey

I featured this photo of the catci in a recent post about a trip to a rose garden last summer. Thanks to my friend Maria F., I now know their name: Opuntia humifusa. Thanks, Maria!

Bee and pollen on thistle

Here’s a very happy bee on a pointy thistle.

Note scratched into the paint on an old door

This is rough on an emotional level. When I read the note that was scratched into the painted-over glass windows on a padlocked door to an abandoned house, I couldn’t help but wonder about the circumstances. More photos and speculation in this post from several months ago.

A Visit to a Rose Garden Last Summer

Pond with water lillies

I thought I had written this post last summer, but discovered today that I had not.

Peach rose

So it’s been a few months, and I have forgotten all of the names of the roses and flowers. There are a few flowers whose signs I took a photo of, but unfortunately this peach rose isn’t one of them.

Tall red flowers at the arboretum

It was a hot Saturday in June, if that helps describe things.

Various plants at the arb

In this shot, the big wavy green leaves immediately above of the small red flowers, and to the left of the pointy flat leaves, are from a horseradish plant (Armoracia rusticana). The spicy, zippy condiment is made from the root of the plant, but I never knew what the greens look like.

Busy bumblebees on lavender

The lavender was crawling with bumblebees. I love watching them bumble around, but my daughter would not come near.

Cactus and yellow flowers in New Jersey

Cactus growing in New Jersey? I wish I had taken a picture of the name of this one.

Roses with pink edges, white

Another pretty but nameless face.

2015-06-23 07.57.11

This lovely pale rose is called New Dawn.

Black petunias

This pot containing black petunias was interesting. I had never seen those before.

2015-06-23 08.16.33

These roses are called Tiddly Winks!

Ornamental onion allium schubertii

This Space-Age ornamental onion makes me smile each time I see it.

OK, so that post is about 6 months late, but better late than never.