Black and White Challenge, Day 1 of 5

covered bridge on pedestrian walkway, black and white
Here is a covered bridge on a walking trail where it crosses a highway. It’s the same bridge I used in the Warmth assignment for Photo 101.

I was challenged by Sarah at Chilly Bella Photo Art to take up the Black and White 5-Day Challenge. This is the first time I have done such a challenge. Photo 101 is almost over and this seems like fun, too. Part of the fun is to nominate another blogger, one on each day.

Today, I nominate Lukas of Through Open Lens. Lukas, if you accept, the goal is to post one B&W photo each day for five days, and to nominate a fellow blogger each day to join in.

There is no pressure to accept this challenge. It’s just for fun! 🙂

Photo101: Warmth

sunlight, covered bridge walkway over highway
I took this picture yesterday while on a walk with my son. Due to the sudden warm weather, the playgrounds are far too wet from all the melting snow (including that which fell just last Thursday). This paved walkway that crosses over the highway was a nice way for us to get outside to enjoy the nearly 50° temperatures but not get our feet soaked with mud.

Part of the assignment was to consider the angle of the light and to try to use side light. So, there’s sunlight sideways streaming on yesterday’s warm morning.

My son has been into the show Dinosaur Train lately and pointed out that were going in the Time Tunnel 🙂