Little Blue Flowers, Commelina communis

Dayflower, blue, commelina communis

I had photographed these blue flowers last summer. I loved the way they looked like they were missing a petal or two on the bottom. These grew next door to the long row of green beans I was harvesting from a friend’s garden, so I spent plenty of time contemplating the flowers’ structure as I picked bean after bean after bean.

Recently, I saw a post dedicated to these cute little blue beauties on Tropical Flowering Zone. Maria F. gives the scientific name Commelina erecta, or white mouth dayflower or slender dayflower, as well as a full explanation of the flower. I’m so happy that I saw her post. Otherwise I don’t know how I would have found out information about them.

Two dayflowers, blue, commelina communis

But after comparing the flowers in her photo, which are more rounded, I noticed my flower’s petals are elongated. Thanks to Google’s “related” suggestions on their image search, I feel pretty sure that the flowers that I saw are actually Commelina communis, commonly known as the Asiatic dayflower.

Pretty cool to finally have an answer to that question. I’ll always think of green beans when I think of dayflowers.

Happy Easter Flowers

Blue hyacinth

Hyacinths, because my Grandparents always had them at Easter.

Hyacinths and

Their small house was always overpowered by the heavy fragrance of hyacinths.

Blue and purple hyacinth

And now, each year, I make sure that my small place is, too.

Pane yellow daffodils

And daffodils, because they are like little cups of happiness.

Daffodils of many different shades of yellow, orange, white and coral

Get a bunch of them together and oh, how they gossip.

White and

They know how to enjoy life.

Yellow daffodil in afternoon

Cute and bright smiles of sunshine.

Happy Easter!

Blue and Purple Flowers: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

purple and orange pansies
For Cee’s photo challenge of blue and purple flowers, here are some from the archives. Pansies from the early spring.

Purple morning glory next to celery and tomato plant
A morning glory plant that was a Mother’s Day gift that bloomed in July.

Pink and purple hydrangeas

Hydrangeas in summer.

purple lilacs in vase

And finally, some lilacs that I had close to Mother’s Day.