S is for Setcreasea

Found this plant at the garden center last summer: Setcreasea pallida ‘Purple Heart.’ Looked good in the pot next to Dusty Miller and the bright orange begonias. This was the first day that we planted it at home.

Setcreasea purple, dusty Miller, begonias

One day the plants were visited by a praying mantis. I was so excited! Finally, something to help control the aphids!

Praying mantis on orange begonia

The little pink flowers last maybe half a day. Sometimes only a few hours.

Setcreasea purple, begonias, Dusty Miller, basil, container garden

Later in the summer, everything was growing over the sides of the pot.

Setcreasea purple, begonias, Dusty Miller, container garden

At the end of the summer, I had to cut it back before I attempted to bring it in for the winter. These cuttings lasted for a couple weeks in the vase. This was surprising because they seemed delicate and I had assumed they would wilt quickly.
Purple leaves setcresea
Now, I’m not sure if the plants are still alive. I think they are, but I won’t be sure until it’s warm enough to put them back outside. During the winter, the leaves turned green, which I read was normal when they don’t get enough sunlight. Many parts of the plants have died off, but I think there are still a few vines of life clinging to the pot. Time will tell.


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