R is for Riding Out the Storm

The storms that trudged through our area yesterday did not take down all the pretty blossoms, as I’d feared. The trees rode out the storms with more grace than children and bloggers who didn’t want to stay inside all day. This morning, well after sunrise, one more quick rain squall stopped by long enough for … Continue reading “R is for Riding Out the Storm”

Photo Challenge: Early Bird

This week’s challenge is called early bird. We were challenged to wake up early and capture the sunrise. I kind of cheated with this one. Here is the “sunrise” as I see it from my apartment. I finally see the sun rise over the neighboring building about an hour and fifteen minutes after it actually … Continue reading “Photo Challenge: Early Bird”

Opposite Weather Day

So today the weather was the opposite of what we had yesterday, which was a clear morning and then snow all day. Today was a grey, snow-covered morning that gave way to warm, sunny skies around lunchtime. I tried to photograph the same areas of the landscape to show the dramatic differences in just half … Continue reading “Opposite Weather Day”

It Snowed All Day

After a pretty sunrise, it snowed all day. Here’s the before and after. The snow was, however, a very fine, dry, powdery texture, so there’s not much piled up after so many hours of snowfall. Even this birdhouse is thinking “Get me out of here, I’m sick of snow!” Did i just project my feelings … Continue reading “It Snowed All Day”