W is for Windblown #AtoZChallenge

Fir tree broken trunk rotten inside

Fir tree broken trunkYou could no longer bend with the wind. Yesterday it broke you down, revealing that you weren’t as strong as we thought. You had a weakness that you kept hidden. Was it worms that did this? Or maybe insects or fungi that caused this weariness?

We wept for a moment near you, wished you well, and walked on, past the wasted part of the wood.

Fir tree broken trunk rotten inside

4 thoughts on “W is for Windblown #AtoZChallenge”

  1. About six years ago I was on my deck scraping the paint on the house and I kept hearing this strange noise. It went on and on and then I heard a crash. A neighbor’s tree, about 30+ feet tall fell over. It was totally rotted inside.

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