L is for Lice #AtoZChallenge

Metal lice comb and small flashlightYup, we had lice for the first time recently. One Saturday morning, I was snuggling with my daughter on the couch and thought I saw a brown crumb in her hair. I leaned over to take it out, and well, made the discovery the sent my stress levels soaring to new heights and made panic my new best friend.

I soon realized that it’s not such a terrible affliction. It’s pretty manageable (gross, yes, but definitely manageable). The combing and laundry take some time, but it’s not as scary as I had first thought.

The problem, I think, was that I found it during the weekend. I couldn’t get through to the pediatrician, and I couldn’t talk to anyone at school to find out more about their lice policy. Searching for information online was helpful but frustrating because so many sources contradicted each other.

Once Monday rolled around, I was feeling like things were much easier. Talking to others who had dealt with it before made all the difference. The school nurse, teachers, and friends who had dealt with it with their kids were supportive. I suppose a lot of my stress came from the fear of being ostracized. Once I found acceptance, for my kids and myself, I felt much more calm.

14 thoughts on “L is for Lice #AtoZChallenge”

    1. Yes I agree. There were one or two people who made me feel bad, but I can’t help but think it’s because they’ve never had to deal with lice, so they don’t know what a not-big deal it is.

  1. My oldest girl got this when she was little. My wife basically shaved her head down to a pixie cut again. My daughter didn’t want to and was very vocal about it. I agreed to deal with it so spent a lot of time combing through her hair for about a week. Not fun. I went back to the haircut I had in the military just to be on the safe side during this.

    1. Yes, it takes so much time! This experience has definitely changed the way I think about the word “nitpicking” considering the number of hours I logged doing just that.

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