Chocolate Habanero

Chocolate and yellow habanero peppers

2016-10-21-12-34-31Why do they call you chocolate habanero? Is it because they want to watch me take a bite and laugh at my tears and burning tongue? I know it’s only a name because they look like chocolate, but I’m just dumb enough to want to taste one….

Spicy peppers at the farmers market, jalapeno, habanero, Serrano, Fresno, cayenne, poblano

I love the hot peppers on display at the farmer’s market.

They are too spicy for me, but I enjoy pickling them for my husband.

Chopped hot, spicy peppers on a cutting board

They are so pretty when chopped up and canned.

Hot spicy peppers slices and pickled in masn jars

13 thoughts on “Chocolate Habanero”

    1. Spicy! haha Well, they don’t taste like chocolate, that’s named purely because if the color. They taste just like the yellow habanero peppers that I got, and they are a bit on the soft side for me. I tend to prefer them pickled.

  1. I love the glossy sheen you captured on those chiles. In the old days, peppers only came in green. Now, it is wonderful all the different colors and types we can get in the market.

  2. Haha…I have never heard of chocolate habanero before and I actually thought it as a hot peppers dipped in chocolate when I looked at the photo:)

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