Daily Prompt: Relish (Green Tomato & Beet)

Ingredients of the beet relish: chopped beets, cabbage, onion and peppers

Green Tomato relish and pickled

In addition to my fried green tomatoes, I also made green tomato relish. I had never tasted it before and am surprised at how much I like it. The green tomatoes make it tangy and the brown sugar balances that with some sweetness. There’s also onion, pepper, cabbage and mustard seeds.

Chopped green tomatoes, onion, cabbage, peppers are salted for several hours, rinsed and then turned into relish
Chopped green tomatoes, onion, cabbage, peppers are salted for several hours, rinsed, and then turned into relish. This is about 28 cups!

I also made some beet relish a few weeks ago. (Same day I made a batch of hot peppers, apparently.)

Beet relish canned and spicy peppers canned

It’s pretty heavy on the beet flavor, but still good. I had never tasted this either, but I had some beets and the recipe in the canning book seemed good.

Ingredients of the beet relish: chopped beets, cabbage, onion and peppers

I think the green tomato is my new favorite. I had to try some refrigerator pickled slices, too. These are flavored with dill.

Green Tomato slices, pickled with dill

I made 7 pints of the green tomato relish, 4 pints of the slices, 4 half-pints of beet relish, and one pint of refrigerator pickled slices. Looks like I’ll be…savoring this relish for a long time.

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13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Relish (Green Tomato & Beet)”

  1. Beautiful food, Cynthia. I love the taste of green tomatoes, too. I can only get them in plum size at the market but I make do. I have a bottle of pickles sitting on my kitchen counter. I bought them to add to a burger I made a few weeks ago. For the life of me, I can’t twist the cover off. This is the second time this has happened. And I love my pickles so this is torture. I hope your week goes well. xo

    1. Thanks, SB. I’m sorry to hear about your stuck pickle jar! Sounds terrible. I’ve tried flipping a jar upside down and putting it under running water. Also tapping the side of the lid on the counter can help. Hope you get to enjoy them soon! I hope you have a nice week also. I will continue to obsess about Tuesday’s election, but will try not to read too much news and twitter or mope too much.

      1. Thanks, Cynthia. About the election, can’t help obsessing. I guess we read the news over and over hoping that the nightmare will come to an end, but knowing that no amount of page refreshing can bring Tuesday along any faster. Best of luck. xoxoxo

        1. You’re exactly right. I think all the anxious reading and scrolling is just me looking for that one piece of news that’s going to make things OK. Thanks for putting it into words. Gotta just try to maintain for now. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, Carol! I got the green tomatoes at my local farmers market. They only had them for two weeks. Not something I can get anytime, so I had to take advantage and make a big batch of relish. Growers usually pick the rest of the tomatoes on the vines at the end of the season, before the first frost.

    1. Thanks for the compliment 😊 I’m glad I could inspire you! This is my first time trying different relishes and my third season canning. I enjoy exploring the possibilities.

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