Fried Green Tomatoes and Broiled Catfish

Fried green tomatoes and Broiled catfish with lemon

Fried green tomatoes and Broiled catfish with lemon

I found a lot of green tomatoes at the farmers market last month and cooked this one Sunday afternoon.

I got a tip from a lady at the market to dip the tomato slices in flour, then egg, then the cornmeal. Your fingers turn into a breaded mess, but that’s what it takes. I always had the problem of the breading falling off as soon as the slices hit the oil.

14 thoughts on “Fried Green Tomatoes and Broiled Catfish”

    1. The tricky thing for me is lighting. My kitchen does not get any natural light, so I usually have to take my food outside to get a good photo. The overhead fluorescent light and incandescent range hood light just don’t make the food look very appealing. I have to remind myself to ignore the fact that I know that it tastes and smells good, and remember that what’s important is how it looks to a stranger seeing it on the web. Good luck, looking forward to seeing some of your creations!

      1. Lighting is tricky, for sure. Luckily, I have great light in my kitchen. I always wanted to eat fried green tomatoes ever since I saw the movie with that name. But have never tasted them!!

    1. Taking my plates outside is best for me because of the layout of my apartment. I don’t have a table near the windows. I could move an end table or something, but it’s easier just to take the plate out on the balcony. I prefer natural light and that’s the laziest way for me to get it 😉

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