End of Summer

Dried wildflowers, evening, and chopped wood

Dried wildflowers, evening, and chopped wood

Summer is almost over. We enjoyed your wildflowers and long days, but now it’s time to think about what’s next.


10 thoughts on “End of Summer”

    1. Fall looks good. Decided not to move for now. The kids started school, I’ll have a little time alone this year during the day, woo hoo! Maybe I’ll work on that novel I keep thinking about. Other than that I’m looking forward to cooler weather, apple picking, roasted squash, and baking more bread. I hope Fall has some nice things in store for you!!

      1. That sounds like a great plan! I feel like Fall would be a good time to bake and write, I expect you’ll be pretty successful 🙂

        Not sure about Fall over here. I really don’t like the season, haha. I’ll just have to play it by ear, however I manage to plow through it, heeehee!

        1. Thanks, Dana 😊 I’ll give it a try. Best of luck to you surviving Fall. I understand — it used to be my least favorite season. Used to get so sad that everything was dying and getting colder. But somehow I became a convert and now I really like it. Maybe it’s the oldness lol, summer’s just too hot for me anymore. Anyway, good luck to you 🍁🍂🍃

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