E is for Electricity

Structure of the new power lines going up

Power lines being replaced

I noticed on this stretch of road that the power lines were being replaced. The old Eiffel-Tower style towers with the criss-cross pattern were being torn down and replaced with the more tree-like models that have a central tower with “branches” going out to the side. I assume this is some kind of upgrade, possibly to meet the ever-increasing demands for electricity.

Structure of the new power lines

We rely on electricity more and more each day as our lives intertwine more intricately with the Internet. Each exciting new app, game, or article offers us new capabilities, entertainment, or information, but this also means more electricity use. I’ve heard doomsday scenarios about the failing of the power grids, which are antiquated and not adequate for the amount of electricity that our society demands, according to some.


Can you imagine the electricity suddenly being turned off for days? Weeks? What would you eat? How would you stay warm? Going to a neighbor’s house isn’t going to work when your whole state is out of power. Would you regret the time you spent “wasting” electricity? Would you wished that you’d turned more lights off? Watched less TV? Blogged less?

These kinds of articles about our inadequate infrastructure, along with those relating to the challenges of the actual production of electricity in a safe and sustainable way, make me worry. I have to sincerely hope that other people are taking care of it, and then I try to think about something else. Besides trying to conserve electricity, what else can I do?


I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge for the month of April. The idea is to post every day, except Sundays, and end up with one post for each letter of the alphabet. It’s a good challenge to help me to blog every day.

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21 thoughts on “E is for Electricity”

  1. Thought provoking post Cynthia. Here in Tasmania, there are growing concerns about our energy supply. We rely on Hydro and after almost drought conditions all dams are extremely low. There is a cable link to mainland Australia where Tas can buy back electricity. But that has a fault and has been out of action since December and will be for a few more months. As we head into winter the concern is growing. Perhaps I should write a blog post about this, seeing as I’ve managed to write so much here. Thanks for the inspiration. Let’s all try to save a little bit and hope others are taking care of the big picture.

    1. Thanks, Ruth. I try not to fret about this kind if thing, but it is a concern. Wow, I think i would be worrying more if I lived in Tasmania. The combination of the hydro being down because of the droughts and the cable being broken sounds like a real problem. I hope things are OK for you and the rest of the island as you head into winter! Here’s hoping the scientists and engineers find a solution!

  2. Good post Cynthia. Electricity is a huge concern here in SA, an ongoing concern. Sometimes though I feel we could survive better without electricity than water. x

    1. Thanks, Lynne! Do you have problems there as well? It seems to be a worldwide concern that we need to address quickly. I hope we don’t forget how to do things without electricity, in case we ever need those skills again someday.

    1. Yes, it’s upsetting when you think about it for too long. I just hope that there are smart people out there working with the resources they need to help us avoid a situation in which we lose power on a large scale.

  3. Hello,
    Here from the A-Z and enjoyed both the pictures and the thoughts. The solution is of course to switch as far as possible to renewables, which is happening slowly. Whether we are doing it at a rate to prevent catastrophe is a moot question. The planet can only take so much.

    Best wishes for the challenge

    1. Hi Nilanjana, thanks for your comment. I agree, switching to renewables is the answer, but who knows if that’s developing quickly enough. I am hoping for the best. Enjoy the A to Z Challenge!

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