Little Blue Flowers, Commelina communis

Two dayflowers, blue, commelina communis

Dayflower, blue, commelina communis

I had photographed these blue flowers last summer. I loved the way they looked like they were missing a petal or two on the bottom. These grew next door to the long row of green beans I was harvesting from a friend’s garden, so I spent plenty of time contemplating the flowers’ structure as I picked bean after bean after bean.

Recently, I saw a post dedicated to these cute little blue beauties on Tropical Flowering Zone. Maria F. gives the scientific name Commelina erecta, or white mouth dayflower or slender dayflower, as well as a full explanation of the flower. I’m so happy that I saw her post. Otherwise I don’t know how I would have found out information about them.

Two dayflowers, blue, commelina communis

But after comparing the flowers in her photo, which are more rounded, I noticed my flower’s petals are elongated. Thanks to Google’s “related” suggestions on their image search, I feel pretty sure that the flowers that I saw are actually Commelina communis, commonly known as the Asiatic dayflower.

Pretty cool to finally have an answer to that question. I’ll always think of green beans when I think of dayflowers.

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