All That Remains

Shadow of ranunculus flower

Shadow of ranunculus flower

My springtime friend, lovely ranunculus. Even your shadow was enticing. But not just to my camera and me, to the aphids as well.

I didn’t know it was happening until it was too late. There was no hope of undoing what had so swiftly taken place. Your second bud would never know the warm sun on its open face.

I looked at you, but I did not see. I gave you water but not what you really needed. I brought you home, and I let you down.

Now all that remains is a shadow of a memory.

27 thoughts on “All That Remains”

                    1. I have never gardened until maybe two years ago. I told you about the lake plants. It was amazing Cynthia, mom cut little plants for me, it was like 95 degrees, I put them in the truck in back, a 2 hour trip, got home dug up an area and plopped them in. they looked horrible, but I watered and weeded, the next year they were huge amazing! That is when I started loving gardening although I know nothing about it! I will be asking you and bugging you this summer with questions haha

                    2. It’s amazing isn’t it, what plants can go through sometimes and still be alive and beautiful. I will do my best to help you with questions and advice, but the truth is I haven’t had a “real” garden in years. I’ve been doing container gardening on my balcony, but that’s more limited than what I would do with a little patch of earth. One day I’ll have some ground to grow in. Good luck with things this summer!!

                    3. Thanks!! I have a lot of love to give them 🙂 Even though I worry that they don’t get enough sunlight, rain, or fresh soil… Each year I try my best and see what wants to grow and what doesn’t.

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