Fresh cut pink hyacinths

I’ve never seen hyacinths this tall. Usually they are sold in pots around Easter and they are about 6-8 inches high. This is the first time I’ve seen them sold as cut flowers.

Pale pink hyacinths in a vase

It took me all day to realize this, but usually at Easter you get a pot with one, maybe two stalks of blooms–this has 5 and that’s why the scent is so strong! Throughout the day, I thought these seemed extra fragrant, haha. Within minutes of getting home from work, my husband started commenting on their aromatic fortitude, and I thought to myself, “I’ve gotten these before, what’s the big deal?” Oh, right, I usually don’t have this many hyacinths packed into our small apartment.

Well, anyway, I think their fragrance is dreamy. So’s the color–I’ve never seen such a pale pink. I’m in love.