End-of-Summer Bouquet

August bouquet with goldenrod and queen Anne's lace

August wildflower bouquet with goldenrod and queen Anne's lace

I returned home with some wildflowers that, to me, perfectly capture the scenery here at the end of summer. They may look like weeds to some (especially to my hosts of this past week, from whose property I cut them), but I don’t own property or weeds, and they are beautiful to me.

August bouquet wildflowers goldenrod, Queen Anne's lace


12 thoughts on “End-of-Summer Bouquet”

        1. Thanks 🙂 I can’t stop looking at it. I may have to set it outside on the balcony though, because the Queen Anne’s Lace is dropping little white dots everywhere. Maybe it’s pollen? It’s pretty but messy.

  1. I was amazed at the intricate beauty I saw years ago while traveling in Arizona and New Mexico. From the freeway, it looked like we were zooming past plain-looking cacti and scrub brush. Whenever we stopped for a roadside picnic or took a back road and I had a chance to inspect the plants closely, nearly every plant I saw was covered with tiny, gorgeous flowers in pinks, yellows, purples, and white. They were so lovely!

    1. I love that you were able to take a closer look and see their tiny flowers. I’ve never been out west, but if I do get out on a road trip that way, I’ll be sure to check out the local flowers and roadside plants!

      1. Just don’t touch most of them! Lol Especially the cholla cactus (a.k.a. the “jumping cactus”). Big, spikey chunks of it seem to find their way onto your legs, even when you think you are avoiding them!

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