Peonies Are Different This Year

Peonies and rosesLast year I was in love with the bunch of peonies I got at the farm, but this year was different. The first half of the month, when the peonies came out, I was visiting my gramma to say goodbye. And then back again several days later, after she passed away, for the funeral.

When we buried my gramma, her casket was adorned with peonies and roses, two of her favorite flowers. I didn’t realize that she loved peonies–I knew she was always proud of her roses. She grew so many different kinds of flowers in her gardens, and I never knew that peonies were second in her heart to her roses. I also learned that I inherited my love of brownies from her. We always enjoyed some sweets when we visited her, but I never knew that brownies were her favorite, too.

This year, all the peonies are for my gramma.

2 thoughts on “Peonies Are Different This Year”

  1. My condolences on the loss of your grandmother. And I agree with her and you: peonies and brownies are perfect both apart and together.

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