robin egg shell
Classic robin’s egg blue…or is it?

At the foot of a tall oak tree, I saw robin’s egg shell. I hope the little baby bird is doing well. Congrats, robin family!

But later, after looking around online a bit, I’m second-guessing the robin’s egg diagnosis. It seems like robin’s eggs are darker blue, closer to turquoise, and they do not have speckles. This eggshell seems to be smaller, a more pale blue, and has dark brown speckles. I have tried to identify it, but there seem to be too many possibilities: house finch, eastern bluebird, blue jay, sparrow–those are just some of the birds it could be, and of those, sparrows are the only birds I’ve seen in this area. Hmm, definitely a mystery. Any birders out there have any ideas about this shell found in New Jersey?

Anyway, the theme for this week’s challenge is Broken. My other entry is here, called Toys.