Wild Ponies on Assateauge Island

assateauge island wild ponies
On our way into the park, the ponies were spotted off in the distance.

Spent a chilly weekend in Virginia. I think I’m bitter because yesterday and today was perfect beach weather, but the temperatures were much colder on Friday and Saturday while we were on our trip.

assateauge island wild ponies
By the time we left, the herd had moved a little closer to the road.

We did, however, go to the beach on Assateauge Island on Saturday with hopes of flying kites and seeing the wild ponies. Neither disappointed on that windy and pony-friendly day.

assateauge island wild ponies
The ponies grazing on a late afternoon snack.

We also saw the ponies during last year’s trip to the island. And, sadly, like last year, I didn’t find any blue crabs for dinner. This time, we were told that it’s a little too early in the season, but that they are expecting a good harvest. That’s better news than that of last year’s shortage. I’m hoping for a good half dozen next time we visit!

kite shaped like a bee
The bee kite was having a great time!

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