J is for Just Married

pink ranunculus, white roses, wedding centerpiece
Give it up for table 8!

Went to a wedding yesterday. Everything was lovely, from the couple to the venue to the food to the flowers. Such a nice time to reflect on marriage and love, and to enjoy the company of friends, and, of course, my husband. We don’t get many evenings out. I’m sure the kids had a wonderful time with their grandparents and got spoiled rotten.

There were flowers everywhere at the wedding, in beautiful springtime arrangements of pinks and whites. The ranunculus is one of my favorite flowers, and there were pink ones everywhere. In my wedding bouquet, I had some in yellow and orange. Even the flowers brought back many memories…


I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge for the month of April. The idea is to post every day, except Sundays, and end up with one post for each letter of the alphabet. It’s a good challenge to help me to blog every day.

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